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General export products

General Products


Recipes made with the Light, long, fluffy pureio white basmati rice gives the mouth-watering experiences to the cuisines.


High in protein and fiber pureio pulses are great to add to your diet.


We take pride in offering the greatest pricing on raw tobacco that is cultivated in Pakistan and is of the highest quality. Our tobaccos have undergone a full traditional curing process, guaranteeing you a pleasurable, reliable, and gratifying smoking experience.


Our best raw tobacco leaves are graded for proceed tobacco by Pureio professionals who assess leaf quality by carefully examining variations in color, texture, and aroma.


Natural teeth whitening that makes your teeth sparkle is Pureio’s miswak. In addition to eliminating toothaches and preventing decay, it also strengthens your gums.


We make and sell surgical dressings and a lightweight cotton bandage that provides support for strains and injuries. We offer a vast selection of products, including Crepe Bandage, Absorbent Cotton Gauze Roll and Cotton Bandage.


Pureio is completely focused on purchasing, packaging, and shipping premium flowers, plants, and accessories. Pureio is your trusted source for hundreds of stunning flowers and plant varieties in all range of colors, shapes, and sizes.


Pureio is in the business of growing, producing, and selling olive, fruit, and ornamental palm trees. We established standards for palm trees and Mediterranean trees on the national and international market. On a huge platform, we cultivate and sell thousands of palm trees.

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